The recommended wine of the month

Welcome to the Marche region!

This land, rich in history and culture, It also boasts excellent wine production. The wine list that you will consult in our restaurant, will accompany you to discover the best wines from the Marche region, from the well-known DOCG and DOC to the most innovative IGT productions. A gem proposed:

Yellow like the fruit of a distant country, yellow like the brooms of these hills. Warmth and color, squeeze of territory


Exotic in fruitiness, with pineapple and passion fruit, and in the spicy one that evokes vanilla and blond tobacco. The fragrant fan follows the trail of a light smoke given by the wood, surrounded by the light fragrance of hazelnut and almond, on a fine and elegant background of small yellow flowers.


The large acid vein guides the sip and the memory of the fruitiness promised to the nose is completed by a subtle citrus sense that instills verve and freshness. The splendid limestone hills stand out with the good flavor and the mineral veil that emerges on the finish.


Fairly structured first courses based on fish or vegetables; elaborate and tasty second courses of both fish and white meat, also grilled. As an aperitif, paired with medium-aged cheeses.