Our preparations


Menu’ of the day, to get an idea of ​​the preparations that will be proposed, some not everyday.


mixed traditional Cuts ( Ham, salami reef, lonzino, lonza, ciauscolo, mazzafegato)

with pecorino cheese Sibillini, Also the Slow Food

bruschetta with E.V.O. oil. blend moraiolo e leccino bio o monovarietale coroncina di Pievefavera

First courses:

Handmade tagliatelle with traditional meat sauce or white wild boar ragout

Tagliatelle with black truffle (from the first of June 2023)

potato gnocchi (red variety of Colfiorito) with meat and cheese sauce (usually on Thursdays)

Lasagne (on reservation)

Tortellini with meat sauce

Cappelletti sealed by hand in veal or capon broth

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with meat sauce or fresh tomato

Ravioli, with mushrooms (champignons and oyster mushrooms )

Main dishes ready:

PGI lamb coratella with lemon peels (usually on Sundays)

PGI lamb in potacchio in white, with rosemary, garlic and peparello (Timon serpillo)

Chicken cacciatore in white

rabbit in pot with tomato and black olives (usually on Sundays)

pigeon cooked stuffed baked ( on reservation )

Roast pork in pork baked with fresh fennel

Stuffed turkey breast braised with mushrooms and truffles

Main dishes to be cooked on the grill:

Pork chop ( spolpatura )

Rack of pork ribs

Sirloin young calf

Agnello i.g.p. Sibillini mountains on the grill

Free-range chicken breast with sage, bay leaves and rosemary

Arrosticini mutton (adult sheep)

Skewer of mixed meat ( pig, turkey, calf, sausage, with bay leaves )

pork livers ( cut thread, with the bay leaf and wrapped with pork omentum )

Pork sausages


the vegetable mixed salad

grilled aubergines with extra virgin olive oil. biological

Grilled vegetable:Chicory sauteed with garlic, oil and chilli

Grilled tomatoes with mint

The chard, spinach or green beans (based on seasonality)



Zuppa inglese ( the cream ) o tiramisù o torta di mele o la crostata o la panna cotta al caffè con profumo di Varnelli

"The raw materials used in the kitchen are sourced locally, the vegetables Also from our garden, the truffles fresh from our truffle, l’oil extra virgin olive #8217 &; “chaplet” local, the meats the best farms of the area selected, the cheese Monti Sibillini pecorino, doc wines, DOCG and igt Regionals, the sausages, the pasta and the sweets, prepared with local organic eggs, they are of our production. Protein flours of animal origin are not used in the preparations"

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